Allora praticamentw

Personal project
Exhibition curating

Allora praticamentw is a meme exhibition held in Turin by NewTab Studio. The first part of the exhibition investigates the 30 most meaningful meme templates of all time, selected and presented by Alessandro Lolli. Secondly NTS curated a poster selection by, exploring the boundaries between visual experimentation and memetic language.

Allora praticamentw - mostra sui meme

Alessandro Lolli (Rome, 1989) deals with philosophy, pop culture and new media, working with magazines like Il Tascabile, Not, Esquire Italia. Alessandro wrote La guerra dei meme (Effequ, 2017), followed by a new editions released in 2020.

Exhibition 1 - Alessandro Lolli
Allora praticamentw - mostra sui meme
Exhibition 2 -
Allora praticamentw - is a side project by NewTab Studio, born in 2019 and occurring weekly on instagram; the project aims to experiment the memetic practice, playing with its standard aesthetic and turning it into a visual design product. TNY creates memes that looks like posters and posters that look like memes.

Allora praticamentw - exhibition
Allora praticamentw - mostra sui meme
Allora praticamentw - mostra sui meme
Allora praticamentw - mostra sui meme - catalogo online
  • Curation

    NewTab Studio

  • Exhibition 1

    Alessandro Lolli

  • Exhibition 2

  • Location

    No Panic Agency

  • Host

    Graphic Days Torino