Archivi d’Affetto

Circolo del Design
web design + development

Archivi d’Affetto is a project by Circolo del Design and curated by Stefano Mirti and Maurizio Cilli, aiming to bring to light the work by architects and designers too little known by the public. We designed and developed the web archive, that is now hosting the first chapter of the venture: Leonardo Mosso and Laura Castagno.

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Torino is the cradle of great designers, architects, experimenters and artists that made their marks on city’s cultural identity. Archivi d’affetto tells the stories of these people who developed high-valuable and unconventional carreer paths, and that are now too little known or forgotten by the mainstream public.

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  • A project by

    Circolo del Design

  • Curators

    Maurizio Cilli, Sara Fortunati, Stefano Mirti

  • Art Direction