Times New Yoman

personal project
poster design
2019 - ongoing

Times new yoman is a personal instagram project started during 2019, right in between the visual experimentation and the meme kind of humor. Every week we pick a theme and we create 3 different posters relating to that, aiming to 3 different approaches and ways to interpretate (both conceptually and visually) the same thing. We really believe that irony is key during the creative process but we don’t dig the classic ‘graphic designer humor’ based on jpg logos and comics sans puns. We also use this format to occasionally take a stand about political and ethical issues.

week 20 — police
timesnewyoman - police
week 62 — sharks
timesnewyoman - sharks
week 21 — cigarettes
timesnewyoman - cigarettes
week 55 — virus
timesnewyoman - virus

Times new yoman is poster design + cool design sharing + memes sharing + face filter creation + basically whatever you gotta do if you are trying to get instagram fame. Without instagram fame.

week 45 — contraception
timesnewyoman - contraception
week 51 — mosquitos
timesnewyoman - mosquitos
week 36 — lie
timesnewyoman - lie

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