The Space that Makes Us Human

design + animation

Karman Project is a non-profit group that fosters global conversations about space. We joined our forces with Amigo Total to create an experimental visual dialogue between science and the arts about the impact of space on humanity. We mixed mediums, smashed videos and created a digital collage starting from different sources, ranging from webcam and space footages to 3d models.

“The space that makes us human” is a film directed by Hélène Huby. We took several footages from technology, art, science and music leaders to create a trailer that makes you wish that you could keep up with your childhood dream to become an astronaut.

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background reel
what is Karman
  • agency


  • direction

    Amigo Total with the collaboration of NewTab Studio

  • director

    Pol Solà

  • design

    NewTab Studio + Pol Solà

  • animation

    Pol Solà + NewTab Studio + Edu Altarriba

  • 3D

    Raul Peix

  • color

    Ana Gale

  • music

    Hiko Sound